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way of life
Vishal Bhojane
July 3, 2019

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." - The Bhagavad Gita. Yoga is a form of exercise that is appropriate for every age group and has been completely adopted by many people for their overall good health. It serves on a holistic way as it assists in curing all the mental and physical sicknesses of an individual. Inculcating this habit of yoga right from a young age will help the students know its importance and also they will advantage from yoga.

Every so often the school routine is one such repetitive and exhausting, which consumes all the energy of a student. The continuous managing between school, sports, schoolwork, frightful tests, and examinations lead the students to work for long hours with hassle and burden. Hence, opting for some sort of exercise is the best option and yoga certainly will relax and refresh the mind, soul, and the body.


Meditation is one of the most basic steps that everyone follows while doing yoga. It is a process of focusing and radiating on all the positive energies that hold us and eliminating all the negative aspects of life. Yoga has a natural ability to clear out the mental chaos and become more like an in the moment kind of individual, reducing the stress levels, anxiety, and bouncing back to the peace of mind.

Weight Management

Among students, spending long hours in front of television alongside playing video games is a habit. Sitting on the sofa with a relaxed posture and consuming junk snacks while watching is very common, which often leads to fatness among children. Through yoga, weight can be controlled and a balance between good health and fit body can be built. The regular practice of suryanamaskar and asanas can maintain a proper weight and healthy lifestyle.

Improves Memory and Grasping Power

The more clear one's mind is, the clearer will be the focus. At a young age, the grasping power among students is high, hence it is essential that the teachers and parents make the most use of it. Through yoga, the concentration levels can be increased and the attention span can be more firm. This will have a direct benefit in the students academic performance and help the student to excel to its true potential.

Develops Flexibility, Balance, and Posture

While sitting down to study for a long time or using the computer for a long stretch can lead to improper posture. Having such a posture can lead to major consequences during growing up and also affect adult life.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis will lead to correct posture, boost flexibility, and bring balance to the whole body.

Breathing Techniques

This is one of the many reasons individuals take on for yoga, to learn breathing skills, and practice them for a healthy being. Inhalation is the most essential aspect of life and good breathing affects a lot of aspects like movement, ability, posture, and handles stressful situations in a positive way. Through the practice of pranayama gaining control over the breath, which is the source of the prana- the vital life force, the students can master the technique of breathing properly and enhancing the quality of life.

Listed above were a few of the yoga welfares, but there lies many more. One of the most important factors about yoga is it inspires self-care and self-love among persons. It is a healing from inside, connecting with one's soul and understanding the functioning of the mind. It teaches individuals to learn to love, respect and cherishes their bodies, as it's what will help them to grow mentally and physically.