Student Attendance

Taking attendance and maintaining records are tedious process require more time and paper west that overcome by using this feature.


  • Teacher can take student attendance by app.
  • Take student attendance by period.
  • Check attendance statistics.
  • Daily Attendance report.
  • Weekly Report available.
  • Monthly Report available.

Traditional Attendance system.

  • Traditional Attendance system rely on maintaining diaries, muster.
  • Inaccurate and subject to manipulation (‘time theft’)
  • High possibility of human error
  • Low scalability and no integration with other systems

MySchoolr Provides cloud-based Attendance System.

  • Finding and showing statistics of student’s attendance requires more efforts. With myschoolr app, teacher can take whole class attendance with few clicks. Also parents and students can see their attendance on their app. Reduced amount of work needed for attendance management. More transparent performance tracking

MySchoolr Snapshot Attendance Details