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Vishal Bhojane
May 27, 2019

Sociality is dominant behavior that forces us to change our thought process, psychology and neural activity. We all have once heard that humans are Social Animals that's why we see the dominance of social media network on our life. Facebook gives us instant friend suggestions, Twitter connects us with the influenced community, Instagram makes us feel overwhelmed with likes and love we received in the form of virtual recognition.

. . .

Every year Schools, colleges organize events to facilitate sociality, to gather peoples under one roof for one cause, to celebrate their togetherness, represent our culture, enjoy what we have and celebrate various days.


The way we interact with other people at the annual function is very different from our ordinary day. When we are celebrating our annual function, other days, events with our friends and teacher, we were creating precious memories for our rest of life. Here event photos and videos come in the picture.

We click thousands of pictures, shoot funny videos but when it comes to sharing those picture with each other problems arises. Sometimes we won't get our perfect shot taken with your beloved teacher, Sometimes you miss to carry group selfie.

For parents, Watching our child acting, dancing and enjoying is valuable. They Always want their pupils preciously captured moments.


Now, with MySchoolr app watch and download photos and videos directly on your phone. The organized gallery feature will store and show your pupils journey from nursery to the last standard attained. Parents with access to MySchool app have admitted that they are happy with our social step, MySchoolr helps you to bring productivity, creativity and Student, Teacher and Parents triangular collaboration.

MySchoole Console helps the school, college administration team to add high-quality photos and videos to their institute Gallery. And share with all students, parents, and teachers. Also, Student can share their photos with other friends through our Messaging feature or request institute admin to upload to institute MySchoolr console.

MySchoolr provides gallery management system for schools, colleges to easily collect, store, organize and share the image to parents.

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