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Vishal Bhojane
May 21, 2019

According to Wikipedia: "Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research."

numerous exams are taken by institute weekly, monthly or in semester patterns. The goal is to assess students progress on what he/she learned in period of time. Almost all school, colleges around the world follow the same technique to judge students knowledge.

Does anyone visited Japan? or Have you heard that, In japan Students don't have to face exams before 4th standard. Instead Japanese school teachers focuses on teaching manners to students. Great huh!

Well, the importance of Exam and results is as important as taking daily shower for good health. MySchoolr helps schools, colleges and tuition's to organize Exams, distribute exam schedule, fill Exam marks from Android as well as from MySchoolr desktop console. Also provides analytical report so that parents and teacher can assess students progress and guide kids on the path of academic journey. The students and parents can track detailed progress by marks obtained in exams.

MySchoolr provides best result management system for school, colleges and tuition's by which parents and teacher can track student progress on regular basis.

Everyone go through schooling system, where we all educate our self to sustain, make progress in this world, taking pace rapidly. Facing Exams during our schooling time is most terrible process. Everyone has fear of failing in exams, but from my point of view we humans don't fear for failures, we fear for criticism and hatred we receive when we fail.

We at MySchoolr believe, educating peoples is important. Schooling system is becomes standard procedure to educate peoples. Don't confuse between Education and Schooling. For us, Educating peoples to flourish ones wisdom regarding his surrounding world, to make him/her independent to live in it, to teach them how we work as social animals and build prosperous society.