Notice board
Management System

Don’t forget your exam dates, submission or annual function dates and time. Deliver all academic notices and alerts right on your phone. In addition, the received notices can be added to reminders that you will receive notification about upcoming events.

Online NoticeBord System

  • Create seperate Notices For Teachers & Parents.
  • Seperate Notice for students.
  • Add Notice Type.
  • Yearly Holiday List.
  • Birthday Reminder.
  • Principal can send emergency Notice By SMS.

Traditional Noticeboard system.

Education institutes that still follows traditional Noticeboard system has to write down each notice on a piece of paper or type on the computer, make print and stick to the noticeboard. and there is no surety that everyone from the institute will read that notice.

MySchoolr Provides Online noticeboard system.

  • MySchoolr App does significant change in modern noticeboard system. Institutes have access to MySchoolr platform can add notices from MySchoolr console & also through MySchoolr App. The NoticeBoard feature facilitates adding Notice Type, Title, images, and description.

  • Our role-based access gives permission to the administration to give rights to any faculty to use this feature.MySchoolr Parent App is well designed, well equipped with features to track students progress and to stay connected with kids schools all the time. So, never miss any events and days that play a vital role in your kid's life.

MySchoolr Snapshot Of Noticeboard