How School Management App Reduces Manual Workload?

reduce manual workload
Vishal Bhojane
August 24, 2019

Teachers are busy. Right from daily tasks such as marking attendance, sending out notices, to more important tasks such as preparing lecture notes and creating lesson plans, a teacher is constantly busy and yet is unable to finish all the work.

At such time, deploying technology may seem like a difficult path. But automation and paperless operations enabled by a school app can do a lot to assist teachers in managing daily tasks. For instance, an app simplifies the attendance marking process considerably. With an app, teachers can mark attendance in less than a minute.

Moreover, the class attendance app can be set to send auto-triggered attendance notifications to parents in real-time. This serves two purposes, firstly the attendance process is shortened and secondly, the teachers don’t need to attend phone calls or respond to parents messages or emails concerning their child’s absence/presence.

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How often do teachers have to work after school hours?

Probably half the time! A lot of activities and events happen at school on a regular basis. Teachers not only have to prepare for these events and activities but also have the responsibility to notify parents, other teachers, staff members, etc. of the same.

A school communication app aids teachers in saving a lot of time and efforts. With the app, teachers can create a notification at any time from anywhere and send it to all the concerned people. This ensures that the information is distributed to the right people on time and the teacher’s workload is substantially reduced. Additionally, since the work is done on an app, teachers don’t need to spend those extra hours after school.

Moreover, the app is useful for parents as well as it facilitates online fee payment. Parents can also check fee dues and due dates anytime on the app itself. Teachers can also send fee reminders to parents.

Furthermore, the app can also be used to take your classroom and teaching to the next level. Teachers can create google classroom and create lesson plans along with lecture notes and share it with parents and students via the app. Some apps also provide a platform to share videos, documents, etc. which is again an added advantage.

School management app is a simple yet truly powerful tool any teacher of the digital age needs. Not only does a teacher save considerable manual workload but also take their teaching one step further in just the right direction by leveraging technology!

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