How School ERP software will help parents?

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Vishal Bhojane
Jun 27, 2019

As the world getting more familiar with technology and peoples adopting new technology to simplify their daily life's. In today's era technology plays a vital role in improving the education domain. Schools are nurturing and adopting new technologies to enhance students learning patterns. From bringing VR to classrooms, making classrooms digital with iPad and iMac, making students learn through gaming and more visual learning. While School ERP software's, on the other hand, are Students digital report card and full academic journey tracker.

The importance of School ERP software's in school management is vital so let's understand what is School ERP software's is: The Word ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The ERP systems designed to automate the process of the organization by storing, managing and analyzing data sources. The Schools ERP software's designed to automate the process of school management digitally by storing students, teacher, and other academics data centrally.

How school ERP Manage data for schools?

School ERP software provides features and tools that can bring most of the paper work digital. By storing school's data in secure databases, it becomes easier to get insights from that data and show useful information to administration to make a transparent decision. School ERP software's manage all departments, classes-divisions, students, staff under one roof seamlessly.

Here are some ways School ERP software's helps parents in knowing students academic details and help to improve his progress too.

1. Improves Student-Teacher-Parents Collaboration


Collaborative learning environment helps students to grow faster in their academic and personal life. With School ERP messaging and communication methods, it becomes much easier for parents and teacher to track and maintain his growth on the right path. With the right approach parents and teacher can bring most out of student and navigate his potential on the right things.

2. Attendance Insights

attendance insights

With school ERP software's online Students attendance features it becomes more transparent and visual to track and get insights of attendance. Also, school ERP software's allow to send attendance reports over mobile apps and also gives notification of absent students. The parents with n smartphone access can able to receive SMS regarding student's absent alert.

3. Parents Mobile App

parent mobile

ERP software having mobile app adds more value to the school's communication methods. The advanced School Software's like MySchoolr gives more insights about school management and student's progress. Parents mobile apps keep updated about upcoming school notices and events. Parents can not track all school-related activities of their kids such as exam timetable, results, homework's, class timetable, fees submission etc.

4. Students Report Cards

report card

Every school has to take students test periodically to know their grasping skills, pursued knowledge skills. School ERP softwares makes creating and managing Exams and their results easier. The teacher can create numerous exams, and spread timetable with students and parents. The teacher can fill marks from teachers app, and let parents know about his kid's academic progress.

5. Multiple child support

Very Few ERP solution provides these features, With advanced ERP Software's and parents app, parents can track details of both kids in a single app even they learning from different institutes. This helps parents to track all information about student progress and school activities to track in a single app.

6. Upcoming events notices

Have you ever missed parents meet of your kid? Or any special event in your kid's academic journey If yes forget about missing again. With School ERP software's Notice circular facility receive notifications and SMS on your phones prior to the time of the event. You can also check upcoming events in parents app.

7. Simplifying Student Fees

Parents from cities don't get enough time to visit their kid's schools, hence schools ERP software's help them to stay connected with school management. With advanced Parents apps, parents can now pay school fees online through different payment methods like UPI, Net Banking, Credit or Debit card. Paying school fees becomes simple these days. Parents can now see full fee structure of his kid's school by academic year. Also, apps help to remind parents on a regular basis for pending fees. Fees can be easily viewed by the transport fee, library fee, stationary fee, etc. to know more about how school charging yearly fee.

8. School bus Tracking

bus tracking

Always have to wait for the school the bus at bus stop? What if you get live location access to school bus? With MySchoolr's Students app, track live location of the school bus and be on time or before 2 mins present on the bus stop. Never miss a school bus again, also track school bus by distance and how much time it will take to reach your stop. Parents can now know about delay in commute, pickup time, track bus route and location right from their smartphone.

9. Gallery Support

Ever fighting with school organization about your kids' photos from last school event, with School ERP software's photo-video storage get them on your parent's app. View events photos or download them for offline viewing. Now school management doesn't have to display schools photos videos on social media sites like Facebook. And parents don't have to compromise with WhatsApp photo compression mechanism.

10. Students data security

Students information regarding academic details, their documents, photos videos, personal information, financial details are stored in the data center through cloud-based ERP software's. Cloud based ERP software's provides data security, availability for organization data. Check our blog on thebenefits of using cloud-based school ERP software's.