10 Tips To Improve Yourself.

improve yourself
Vishal Bhojane
Jan 15, 2019

The best precious gift you can give to someone is:

  • your unselfish time
  • self-help Book
  • Inspiration.

but What about yourself? Peoples asks me what is your favorite person in your life, who do you love most? I respond them generously, "I love myself most". You should have to Govern the patterns and learn how this world take pace every day. Instead of comparing with your friends take actions that helps you to become Alpha Man/Woman. Perhaps you get influenced with higher intelligent peoples, want to have wisdom like them. Good news for you is IQ is not genetic, you can alter your IQ. Here are some Habits you can acquire that will help you to become better person by utilizing 1 hr./day or less.

Family First

family first

Set Family wisdom is at highest priority, the love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important that wealth and privilege. We suggest to must read a book How to win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. The tact's and methods will not only help you to bind family together but you can apply those on any human being.

Reading Books Every day

Mark twain once said "Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life". For me Books are like infinite source of wisdom. The books you read, leave unconditional impact on you as a human being. The more you read every day, the more you feed your brain curious knowledge. I have read some books and some on my reading list. Here are Top 10 Books that must be in your Book-Shelf.

Create Exercise Routine

Exercise routine

What's the use of wealth when you don't have good health to enjoy it? The better way to start your day is to do exercise, motivate and make your body ready to do amazing tasks. Make weekly schedule mixed with at least 3 times Jogging, Regular 10k steps Walking or playing Badminton, Swimming etc. for half hour. Check Out 10 Ways To Boost Your Exercise Habit.

Learning New Language

Scientist found that being multi-lingual improves your cognitive skills(Associated with learning and problem solving skills) and overall brain functions. Several research has been proven the beneficial effects of learning and speaking another languages. Check Out Way to Learn Another Language Sitting at home.

Picking up your Hobby


Missing those childhood hobbies now of collecting tickets, currencies or Sport like skating, badminton etc. you love to play and had to leave in past with some sweet memories. This is the right time to bring it back to your life. You can pick up new recreational hobby that adds another star to your profile like learning new language, learn to code, dancing, Cooking etc. Your hobbies keep you challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. Here are some list of 10 creative Hobbies you can peek and acquire mastery by your involvement.

Take Up New Course

Get a new career shift by acquiring new knowledge and skills in 3 months. Its not necessary that courses should be academic, You can pick up random one as per your interest or career oriented. I have been through several courses in 3 months and that helps me a lot.

Leave Comfort zone

What's the definition of comfort zone? For me, anything that's make me stay where I am today, feel safe around known peoples, stops me from taking steps towards my dreams is comfort zone for me. I read one post where the author elaborates this: AS Darren Hardy Writes in The Compound Effect: "According to research by social psychologist DR Dvid McClelland of Harward,[ The People you habitually associate with ] determines as much as 95% of your success or failure" Further ha said," The dream in your heart may be bigger than the environment in which you find yourself. Sometimes you have to get out of that environment to see that dream fulfilled" .

Learning Public speaking

The biggest fear I had in my life was Public Speaking. I choose to make my fear my strength. The day I started Speaking in front of people I used to get better every day, every time I speak. Consider You Acquired wisdom in your life by reading books, getting experiences but what if you can't express it in front of other. Does is worth?.

Start Blog or Vlog

blog vs vlog

Due to Globalization (the Process of interaction and integration among peoples, companies and governments worldwide) brings world closer than never before. Social media plays vital role in achieving this phenomenon. It also give one or more platforms that helps you to represent yourself in front of the world. You can express your thoughts, make peoples wonder about your skills and let them excite & encourage you for your next trip. you can be a next YouTube star. Choose a topic that differentiate you from others and you are actually very good at it, start your Blog or Vlog. The best thing about it is the resources are equally available for everyone. You can Contact us for help.

Commit to Your personal growth

personal growth

You can read 1000 of articles on how to improve yourself, How to be a better person, how to be alpha man or woman but if you do not take actions towards giving pace to your personal growth, That's Worthless. "Action Speak More than Words" You are responsible for your future, the decision you made today, the wisdom you pursue will shape your tomorrow. Results are not immediate, stick to your new recreational habits.

If you are suffering from Procrastination, take a look at our guide to minimize or illuminate it and Concentrate on things that matters to you.