Why social media is important for schools?

Vishal Bhojane
July 3, 2019


Recently, we cannot ignore social media in our lives. Almost every time, we use it to announce something, to tell what we do, to see the schedule that our lecturers have made or etc. In term of teaching and learning, most schools use social media to find resources of learning in which technology can play a role to increase the effective learning process. Although there remains a disconnect between the educator's ambition for interactive learning through technology and the realities of our practice, the educators mostly use it for their teaching. Using social media gives the implication to the students, educators, and education itself in a learning process. Social media is linked to other sources on the internet to help them in their education

The use of social media in education provides students with the power to induce a lot of helpful data, to attach with learning teams and different academic systems that build education conveniently. We area unit seeing education establishments adapting these developments into their systems and counting on cluster resources and mechanisms to boost the student life. Social network tools afford students and establishments with multiple opportunities to boost learning strategies. Through these networks, you'll incorporate social media plugins that change sharing and interaction.


Social media has gained quality over the years as a trustworthy supply of data and platform wherever organizations will interact with audiences.

Students will enjoy online tutorials and resources that are shared through social networks. There is valuable data to be gained through social media like analytics and insights on numerous topics or problems for study functions. Social media is additionally a medium wherever students will establish useful connections for his or her careers.

As an academic establishment, it's crucial to move in several social platforms possible, this helps produce higher student coaching ways and shapes student culture.

Today's parents of younger students are often social media natives; some even had Facebook in college when it first debuted. They use LinkedIn to find jobs. And they might even have a parody account on Twitter regarding parenting. Nowadays principals and school administrators are using social media to share school news, Events, Photos and building community.


Social media as information center:

Social Media changes the way of study in the current generation. The students are now referring the Social Media to get the information. There are some doubts about the authenticity of the information which is available on the internet even it is the best medium to get the information and also time-saving. 59 percent of faculty agrees that the interactive nature of online and mobile technologies create better learning environments. Social Media can act as a medium for communication between the students and teachers using the communication service provided by Social Media. Social Media can be useful in all kinds of educations.

The Content communities and Blogs can act as a Digital Library. It can provide useful information which are not available by nearest resources. YouTube also improved student's digital skills and provided an opportunity for peer learning and problem-solving. Online communities are also helping students in their education. They provide instant communications between the members. The members in the online communities help other members with their knowledge by answering the questions to the other members.

Students have demonstrated more and have consumed a lot of time using social media site. We observed the implication of social media to the education process and found out about the numerous ways, benefits and loss.