Monsoon Tips For Students.

monsoon tips
Vishal Bhojane
July 03, 2019

Monsoons are always a welcome change after the burning heat. It is a fascinating time of the year with the beautiful rains and cool weather. Who doesn't love rainy days with some hot chocolates! The first shower of the monsoon leaves us cheerful, but the negative side is that it also brings various infections and illnesses with it for kids. The muggy and drizzly environment promotes infections to flourish, especially viral. So, we need to be very careful of the activities kids undertake and the food they intake during monsoon season.

Here are some awesome tips that will help students to keep away from infections and staying healthy while having all fun.

Make children aware of the monsoon safety tips:

Students must be taught and bound about the dos and don'ts of the season. They must be instructed to wash hands before each meal or after touching anything outdoors, to wash their feet carefully after came back home. They should be asked to avoid food that is kept in open for too long, not to walk through blocked water areas and not to touch any electric instrument or items with wet hands. They should always be encouraged to have an umbrella or a raincoat slicked!


1. Keep Staying hydrated always

Monsoon time always calls for diseases, so care should be taken to drink boiled and covered water. Staying hydrated in the monsoon should be our first priority since it helps to fight flu and cough. Drinking water will help detox out toxins from the body. So keep drinking water or always carry a water bottle.

2. Always eat freshly cooked food

eat fresh food

Nothing is better than freshly cooked food at home. Typhoid is generally quite widespread during the monsoon season. It is said to usually occur due to the intake of harmful food and water. Students should be told to stay away from street food and restaurant food also. Raw vegetables and fruits should be avoided as they tend to get contaminated quickly.

3. Proper clothing and footwear should be worn

Special attention to the clothes & footwear should be taken as damp clothes can lead to fungal infection slightly. Cotton clothes work best in this rainy season since they absorb sweat and keep the skin breath. Fabric and nylon clothes should be avoided. Always make sure that the raincoats and gumboots should be clean and dry all the time.

4. Outdoor activities should be in sync with the monsoon season

outdoor activities

Children often love playing football in the rains and the "games period" is the only one they look forward to most of the time in school. Sports are very beneficial to your child's overall performance & development. However, if it's raining too badly, students must be prohibited from going outdoors and encouraged to play indoor games such as carom board, chess, table tennis, etc.

5. Intake foods which help boost immunity

Children must be capable of fighting & resisting diseases and green vegetables are the ones that help them the most. Foods such as yogurt, citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach improve your child's immunity power and keep him healthy. Bitter vegetables such as neem and bitter gourd should be included in your diet to stay away from skin infections.

6. Avoid spicy food and try to eat food cooked at home

avoid spicy food

Spicy foods are a temptation during the monsoon. But, we should control our taste buds and avoid eating too much of it since it can lead you to skin allergies and irritation.

7. Stay away from water pond or sluggish water

Who doesn't love a splash in the water and sail paper boats in puddles? But, water ponds are often breeding ground for mosquitoes which often lead to a number of diseases like malaria and dengue. Playing in dirty water ponds should be avoided in the rainy season. Disinfect yourself carefully on reaching home.

8. Try to take a bath twice a day

bath atleast twice a day

Children should be advised to keep themselves clean and dry. Infections always arise due to the sweat and dirt that are caused by humidity. A shower in the morning and evening can help them fight the diseases and boost their immunity.

9. Avoid touching your eyes

In this tech era, children are often glued to phones, tablets, computers or television. We should refrain from touching our eyes with dirty hands or after spending long hours in front of electronics. Eye infections like a stye, dry eyes, etc are very common. Proper precautionary measures should be taken to avoid the same.

10. Stop nail-biting

Some students have this bad habit of biting nails unconsciously. On biting nails, the dirt often makes its way to the stomach and causes you to several diseases. In case your child doesn't stop biting nails, apply some neem on their nails and let it dry. The bitter taste will enforce them to remove their fingers from their mouths.

By Following these monsoon tips can help students to stay healthy and fit. And can enjoy the season to the fullest. After all, who doesn't want to enjoy the monsoon season and not stay in bed due to ill health.