Is My Child Learning Enough? How to know performance?

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Vishal Bhojane
July 4, 2019

One of the biggest questions parents ask of late, "How will I know if my child is learning? How to track the performance of my child?"

When a child is in public school he or she is continually tested. Each & every week there are plenty of tests like spelling tests, class tests, oral tests on a regular basis, and in many states, there is standardized testing. Many parents of public school students think that if the grades coming on test papers and report cards are good, then their child must be learning.

When students are pulled from a traditional school setting and placed in homeschooling it is sometimes hard for the parent to know if the student is actually learning enough. A big problem is that home school students tend to not be tested as often as public school students. But is it really a big problem and is testing the only way to know if a student is learning enough?

How Long?

Sometimes it is difficult to tell parents if a child is learning enough in homeschools because homeschooling generally takes very less time than traditional education. Homeschooled children generally do not spend as much time on a precise topic as traditionally educated students because they are neither ahead nor behind their classmates. They do not have to wait for others to catch up, nor they are holding up other students back if they need to spend more time on a topic. If the student understands the topic properly then he or she can move on right away.

Traditional education is set up for a traditional school year, in many states that are approx 180 school days. That is, for each subject an hour of instructions per day for 180 days, or 180 hours per subject. Now, this question should be considered: That, Is a public school hour of instruction really an hour? Students must change from class to class, spending time talking to mates, going to lockers, and moving between classrooms and even buildings. Traditional school hours of education might be as short as 45 minutes by the time moving.

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Home schools students usually do not take as many tests as public school students take. Consequently, spent less time teaching "to the test". Teaching to the exam or test limits a student's exploration of a subject or topic by limiting them to the material that will be tested. Undoubtedly, Testing is not necessarily a true way of understanding of a topic.

In fact, standardized tests can be adverse to students who are from different backgrounds. Consider, for example, a common test question that asks reasons for the Civil War. Since the Civil War is viewed differently by different nationalities, as well as different locations, a question designed to show understanding of the reasons behind the war might not realistically test a student's knowledge.


You'll know!

It sounds trashy to say that you will know if your child is learning but the reality is that you will know if your child is learning. You can see it in their eyes, you can tell by their attitude, and you will see forward progress.

If your student begins their homeschool day ready to go to school, moves immediately through their assignments, and is hungry for more & more information, it is safe to say that the student is learning.

Finally, It is possible to see the student in all stages of learning for the parent as well as the teacher. You do not need to depend on a report card or a test score. Now tech made is easy, There is an app available on play store named MySchoolr. By myschoolr you can track your children performance, report card or proper analysis can be done on it. Check more about MySchoolr ( You will see your student work through the instructional material, watch them answer questions, and be able to judge for yourself if your student is actually learning.

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