How will future of the school look like?

school looks
Vishal Bhojane
July 4, 2019

In the future, I believe, students will spend less time in the classrooms reading the information in their books. Everything will be different. For example, they will study biology in close connection with nature, in woods and fields. You will have the possibility to see live each animal or plant species and at the same time, you will listen to the theoretical material about them.

Foreign languages will be studied in countries where people speak these languages. Students under the guidance of their teacher will visit England, for example, and during six months communicating with the British, they will learn English faster and easier. If we imagine that super high-speed transport is already created, so during even one lesson we could visit a couple of continents.

Golden suggestions:

  • Develop independence and aspiration to work.
  • Define what can and what cannot be discussed.
  • Develop curiosity and interest in studying.
  • Cultivate culture.
  • Encourage questions.
  • Encourage personal features.
  • Develop critical thought.
  • Create conditions for collective and personal work.
  • Be attentive to a child's life and studying.
  • Suggest the child possible variants of the future.

Some differences between modern and future school

modern school

Computers: Of course, every school will be computerized and in a very short period of time. But only senior students will have computer classes because if children from the very beginning use computers only, they will not learn how to write.

Grades: The evaluation system will be more extended. Perhaps, there will be a 100-point grade system, because the more grades exist, the easier it is for students to study, for teachers to teach and for parents to follow their children success. Plus, computers and the Internet will replace paper pamphlets.

Interior: Today schools become more and more comfortable and well-equipped. So likely in the nearest future the saying"school is my second house" will be completely acceptable. There will be bright wallpapers instead of grey walls, soft and comfortable couches and armchairs everywhere. So let's just hope that in the future children will be calmer and stop destroying everything around them.

Teachers and students: People without suitable qualification will never teach at school. All the teachers will pass a very detailed interview. What about students: as they were always dissimilar, they will stay different. Someone will study better, others will study not that well, someone will take part in sports competitions, others in scientific conferences and so on.

Entertainment: Already now many schools organize collective outings, trips, walking tours, etc. In such a way the education quality will get better as well. Schools will also have different interest clubs and workshops, where children will have the possibility to grow and master their natural talents and skills.