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Vishal Bhojane
May 28, 2019

Traditional accounting system rely on maintaining diaries, muster and fee books. When fees gets submitted both parties could got Payment Receipt. Keeping payment receipt for a year is hectic task for peoples with higher degree of procrastination.

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Do you still rely on these kinds of paperwork for your school accounting? If anyone is still relying on these methods he must not be living in the 21st century, Doesn't he?

There are various kinds of Accounting Software available in the market for schools, colleges. Some are standalone App, some are Web-based & some provides mobile apps too.

Is it fair to expect cloud-based Accounting Software with access from the mobile app?

Yes, with MySchoolr's integrated Accounting feature which is a Cloud-based ERP system it's all possible. School, college administration can accept fees online from parents through the mobile app instantly. It becomes easier for the accountant to track each student's fees details and alter decisions thereafter. Also, the accountant can accept fees from MySchoolr Console in cash, credit or Debit cards & in Cheque.

MySchoolr provides role-based access facility to every organization. Hence, the school principal can control access to the accounting section. The accountant will receive a primary password on his/her registered mobile number. Later at the time of login, the Accountant can change his password to the desired one.

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MySchoolr also helps you to track student fees payments, provides the facility to notify parents about fee submission, with powerful reports on collection MySchoolr gives you in-depth details of every transaction.

Manage account like a pro, let us handle your headache of fee management, manage with fewer clicks and generate excels and pdf to view fee transactions and dues. With the modern MySchoolr app, parents can now pay students fees by secure Internet banking feature. We made paying school-tuition-college fees like sending and receiving messages

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