5 Habits of an effective teacher

effective teacher
Vishal Bhojane
July 3, 2019

A good teacher, sort of a sensible soul, such that he should hold his audience's attention, to teach the lesson. Here, some of the most important habits of teacher:

1. Is open-minded

Teacher must be open-minded. As an educator, their square measure about to be times wherever you may be discovered formally or informally. You are continuously being calculated and criticized by your boss, teachers, and even kids. Instead of feeling bitter when somebody has something to say about your teaching, be open-minded when receiving constructive criticism and form a plan of action. Nobody is ideal and there's always space for improvement. Sometimes, others see what you fail to see.


2. Enjoy the teaching

Teaching is a really very enjoyable thing. You get more value when students love your teaching. If you love children and care for them then students get open up more. Enjoy every teaching moment to the fullest. Let your passion for teaching shine through every and every day. The atmosphere in the classroom is free and enjoyable so students give more attention to teaching.


3. Spreads positivity

Bring positive energy in the classroom every single day. You have a smiling face so do not forget to flash it the maximum amount throughout the day. Even if you're having a nasty day, learn to place on a mask ahead of the scholars and allow them to consider you as a superhero. No matter how you feel, you are never let that show. Always keep positive energy in school. Don't let other people's negativity bring you down with them.

4. Give 100%

Whether you are teaching a lesson, writing reports or giving support to anyone, give your 100%. Always do your teaching with love and not because it's your job to do. Inspire students wherever they need. Do this for your personal growth. Give your total efforts for yourself, students, parents, school and everyone who believes in you. Never give up! Whatever be the situation be positive, be happy.

give 100%

5. Be a role model

My teacher, my hero. A role model is a person who inspires and encourage in every situation. We learn a lot from them to make us realize our own personal growth. A role model may be anyone: a parent, a friend, a sibling but some of our most significant and life-changing role models are teachers for any student.