10 ways to boost your Home Exercise Habit.

home exercise habit

Niraj Patil
Jan 17, 2019

Not have enough money or time to join gym? Or Not getting enough results spending lot of money on weight loss products. I don't want to spread misconception about trying these methods at home will get you into shape in a day. Remember it's not possible to get a white smile brushing your toots at once, but if you do it 2 times a day for 2-minutes consistently, brushing makes difference. Likewise achieving your healthy body goal (You can apply this principle anywhere) requires consistent authentic efforts. I saw so many peoples complaining and excusing about time and money that they don't have to do exercise daily. But Excuses are not the solution to healthy body, if you want to enjoy your freedom, Wealth and Family Wisdom you need a healthy flexible body with lovable mind. Who don't want to enjoy what they have? Let's take a look at ways to enjoy what you love to do and indirectly keep your body fit.

1. Hiking with friends.

hiking with friends

Yes, you can do it individually though but reaching top with listening stories from your friends adds more joy to your Hiking experience. And don't forget to laugh from your heart and give a loyal admiration to your friend's decision for joining you.

2. Take 15-min walk daily.

If possible, Take walk towards your meeting place. You can Talk while you Walk, a win-win situation. Steve Jobs use to do this kind of meetings. You can walk alone and give yourself peace time where your curious mind may find solution that you were finding.

3. Dancing

Don't shy. You can close the room doors and repeat the steps while watching it performed. Dancing makes us happy and if it's been on your favorite song then your body get energized, you got goosebumps sometimes.

4. Work on Standing desk

We According to study, standing while working help decrease risk of cardiovascular Disease. Don't sit too much time and watch continuously electronic display.

5. Playing games with kids

Try to be as active at home as possible, play some traditional games like catch or badminton, soccer, tennis, cricket with your kids and family. Playing with them create strong relational bond and can cultivate exercise habits into them.

6. Jump rope

If you are struggling with weight loss jump rope may help you. With jump and rope you can burn 10-16 calories per minute. This exercise cum game helps you to build next level of agility and quickness. As it is affordable and portable you can keep them with you every day and use whenever you want.

7. Always take the stairs

Ever wondered how your heartbeat gets high while climbing staircase, your calories get burned. Taking staircase helps athletes to improve their endurance and sprint performance.

8. Learning new Instrument


Recent study found that playing 1 hr. of Violin burns approx. 175 calories, isn't that good news. Pick your favorite instrument and start making some noise. Learning to play instrument stimulates brain, improve memory and reasoning skills.

9. Martial Arts

Is it possible to learn martial art at home? Well that's debatable, for me self-defense is more important. In this age of digitalization there are many resources available which can make you aware about some steps that will help you in crisis.

10. Yoga

The benefits are limitless, yoga helps you to increase flexibility, increase muscle strength, improve metabolism, protection from injury and so on. Yoga helps you to cure your pain, gives you relief from your stress.